To Ruth and Mark,

This time last year we never imagined Abi would be going to Agricultural College and certainly not being a resident too!

The year she has had with you and Tamara and Eva etc. has been life changing to her. She has gained so much confidence and her self-esteem is so much better. Your farm, the animals and the care you have given her has turned her life around and we can’t thank you enough. I hope this is just the beginning for Abi now she realises what she is capable of doing but she wouldn’t have got to this point without you. I know she has talked to you about things she has never opened up to before, I’m so glad she felt she could talk to you all and I’m sure this has made a big difference to her mental health.

Arhie has also loved his time with you all. He’s completely different to Abi and he still has a long way to go but he looks forward to coming to you every week and has really benefitted from his time with you all.

I hope the care farm continues to blossom and I will always be willing to support you in whatever way I can. The work you do with children like Abi and Arch will be invaluable to their lives and you will continue to make a positive difference to them all (and to the adults too!)

Thank you so much,

Dorcas and Dave (Abi’s parents)

Lowberdale Farm is a Christian charity, operating as care farm based near Hartington, Buxton, Derbyshire.

Charity no. 1180913

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